Shore Fishing Over Rough Ground

It's an age-old problem that every shore angler has experienced at some point. That is the loss of sea fishing terminal tackle over rough ground. So what adjustments do you need to make when fishing over rough or weedy ground to minimise tackle loss?

Firstly, try using a stronger mainline, say 30lb. You can add a rubbing leader for extra strength and it will give you some abrasion resistance when casting harder, but if you are just lobbing lead weights, you can use this straight through. Much of the time it's the sea fishing hooks that are becoming trapped in kelp or rocks, so using a hook that can bend a little, may help too.

Rotten Bottom Rig
A rotten bottom link is also a good idea. This is used to dump the lead weight by using a weaker line when the sinker is snagged, allowing the sea rig to be retrieved.

Rotten Bottom Example 2.
Rotten Bottom Clips
Another tactic to consider using a spiked sinker where the spikes prevent the weight from becoming lodged in the cracks and crevices.

Gemini Casting Weight
Finally, a pulley rig works well because when you retrieve, the sinker rises in high water, avoiding any potential traps on the seabed.
Pulley Pennel Rig
With these minor adjustments, you will decrease the chances of losing your gear, and prolonging the time you spend fishing; and less time making rigs.

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