Exclusive Preview of the Limited Edition Hardy Colour Cascapedia!

We are now taking pre-orders for the new Hardy Limited Edition Colour Cascapedia 10/11 Salmon Fly Reels! Contact us now or ask instore to reserve yours, a list of available colours will be available very soon and the reels will be due for delivery by the middle of September 2019! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REELS NOW!

The new Colour Cascapedia is a limited edition Hardy reel made in the most popular colours as selected by Hardy fans worldwide in this Facebook post, with its sideplates hard anodised in bold colours to help stand out from the crowd. The reel itself is the popular current model based on the legendary Hardy Cascapedia reel of the 1930’s. This reel is exclusively designed and built by Hardys in Alnwick, England.

Just 700 in total of the top 3 colours chosen by the public will be made and sold worldwide making the Colour Cascapedia a sought after prospect. We have already received many enquiries from all over the globe from Hardy fans who spotted the original Facebook post and Pre-Orders are stacking up in anticipation of the launch. The best way to make sure you can get your hands on this reel is by contacting us directly - and remember we can deliver your reel to almost anywhere in the world!

  • The Colour Cascapedia will feature a brushed silver anodised cage and spool in bar stock 6061 aluminium
  • Colour anodised side plates feature a three badge design, classic 'S' shaped handle and latest drag system
  • The drag wheel features positive indexing and the classic Cascapedia pointer
  • The reels also feature a 'Porture' switch to disengage the click check so you can run the drag silently or with a loud audible click
  • Three medallion badges to the outer will feature model number, castle and fly logo and reel makers mark (P Lundy)
  • Reels will be protected in a genuine handmade black leather case with sheepskin lining, embossed with HARDY BROS ALNWICK
  • Each reel is packaged in a presentation box with manual and warranty card
  • Only 700 in total limited edition reels in 4in #10/11 size will be created across three colours
  • The Hardy Colour Cascapedia is exclusively designed and built in Alnwick, UK

So what do we know about the current model Hardy Cascapedia fly reel?

When you are looking for precision engineering, traditional design, and a conventional click check system in your fly reel, then the Hardy Cascapedia is perfect. Covering every freshwater application, but most commonly used by Salmon anglers on two-handed Spey rods.

It is a reel at the very top of the Hardy range and is entirely built in Alnwick, England using the best materials, the most extensive engineering and traditional hand assembly techniques. It is very true to the original Cascapedia design and offers a stunning classic look with exceptional weight to strength ratio.

Available in a full four size range covering every freshwater application from Trout to two-handed Spey, the new Cascapedia reel is a stunning addition to the Hardy Made in England reel program. The two smaller sizes feature a classic click check system with adjustable click drag. The larger models, in contrast, feature a fully functioning disc drag with an inbuilt audible clicker to give the classic Cascapedia sound. The bigger reels also features a 'Porture' switch which allows you to disengage the click check so you can run the reel either silently or with a loud audible click.

The larger models offer outstanding line capacity, so you can get a considerable amount of backing on the reel in addition to a full Spey line. Therefore you can fish large rivers with long casts but can be confident that you have plenty of backing in reserve in case a big Salmon decides to take a long run with your full fly line. The more substantial model also features a complete cage system which prevents the mono from shooting head fly lines entering the spool.

Cosmetically it has the classic three badge design, very much like original, and it also features the unique s-shaped handle. It is constructed using 6061 aluminium which is anodised and hand finished by Hardy's highly skilled and experienced fly reel engineers. Regarding construction, what you get with a Hardy Fly Reel is a superior product that goes through a wide range of high precision engineering processes and hand finishing. All parts are hand-made in Alnwick by engineers with over 30 years experience. Therefore each reel is the culmination of many hours testing, re-testing, re-designing and meticulous quality control.

A reel starts off life as two pieces of 6061 bar stock aluminium, one piece for the spool and the other for the frame. Firstly, the block undergoes series of machine lathe processes where it gets shaped with rough cut tools to achieve its recognisable fly reel features. Next, this shape is finished using a fine lathe to form the face, rim, and edges to resemble the design of the particular fly reel in production. Finally, it then goes through a diamond cut lathe where the reel piece is polished. However, during finishing, the reel is still far from complete, so it has to be hand polished using emery paper to ensure a smooth finish. Once this process is complete successfully, the metal is then anodised to protect the aluminium from corrosion.

The amount of work that goes into a reel such as the Cascapedia is quite exceptional. About 30% is mainly machine cutting, but the majority of the work is done by hand in Alnwick. All the parts are individually manufactured and assembled by a human being; not a robot. This process is exceptionally specialised and meticulous. Each section is bolted, screwed and riveted by hand using metalwork tools. But that is not the end of this fly reel's journey. It also has to pass a barrage of strict quality control checks to ensure that the customer receives a product that is exceptional quality, made to exacting standards and is constructed using superior materials.

 A limited number of reels will be available from Glasgow Angling Centre and Edinburgh Angling Centre and will be sold on a first come first served basis, please click HERE to buy now.