A Box for Every Occasion

As the Season approaches, it's time to sort out all your fly fishing gear, ready to hopefully tackle lots lovely trout.

After a rummage through the garage or shed, you will probably be faced with a load of stuff that was put away in a hurry at the end of last season, so where to start? Firstly, check your flies for any rust, damaged points and ragged dressings and make a list of what needs to be bought or re-tied. Also look at the foam in your fly boxes, which may need to be replaced or new boxes purchased. This is also the time to organise the contents of your fly boxes and decide if you are going to have one large box, like the  Airflo Competitor - and carry all your flies with you - or go for a few small boxes like the Fulling Mill Clear Silicone and just take what you will need that day.
Next, have a look at your landing net and make sure any moving parts are functional and check there are no holes or rotten sections in the mesh.  With some nets, you can replace the mesh or you may need a new one altogether.  If so, the new rubber mesh nets are very good and cause minimal damage to the fish.

Next on the list would be your fly lines. Give them a good inspection and a clean - something like Loon Line speed should do the job.  If you don't clean your fly line, it can reduce the line's 'shootability.' It can also cause wear on your fly rod rings, which can cause further damage to the line.

Hopefully when you put everything away last year you properly cleaned and stored your rods and reels so they should be good to go after a quick check over. Last but not least, get all your prepared gear stowed in your waistcoat or pack where they will be easily accessible.  This will save any faffing about when you need to change your fly line, leaders and tippets, flies, or if you need to apply floatant or sinkant to your flies or leader. Tight Lines.