Product Review: The Preston Innovations Absolute Compact Seatbox

The Absolute Compact Seatbox from Preston Innovations is the an updated version of the popular Absolute System. The design has been improved by Preston Innovations by making the integral base of the seat box, deeper. The legs are 30mm thick allowing for a more stable and solid structure. The Structure now has a re-designed carbon-friendly pole retaining strap and new captive internal leg designs. The best feature, however, is that the seat box is compatible with all current and previous Absolute Units allowing for complete modification. These Seatboxes are designed for anglers who are conscious of space but still want the premium build and quality of a premium modular seat box.

Preston Innovations Absolute Compact Seatbox


  • Carbon Friendly Pole Retaining Strap
  • Integral spirit level
  • Removable, covered footplate
  • Anti-snag handwheels
  • Captive, telescopic 30mm diameter legs (2 with threaded inserts)
  • Under seat storage for hook length boxes
  • Integral Deep Base
  • Articulated mud feet

  • The Absolute Compact Seatbox comes equipped with 1 Deep Frame Mounted Base and 1 shallow unit complete with 18cm winders. It is supplied with a 40mm Deep side Drawer Unit which will allow you to store winders and other bits of tackle, 3 Hooklength boxes, 2 small and 1 large and features a seat box cover to keep the seat box protected from the elements. When the Seatbox is not in use, it has a durable carrying strap allowing for easy transportation.

    Box choice is perhaps the thing most anglers struggle with the most. They seem to fancy something new every other month and never really ‘settle’ on anything for too long. There are so many brands and so many choices that choosing a Box to settle on is tough. However,  Preston Innovations Absolute Compact Seatbox is probably one of the best SeatBoxes on the market due to it's price and the fact it can add several modules. The super simple setup, the solid structure and the colour are appealing and makes for a great seatbox, one that you won't need to replace anytime soon.

    The storage available is unbelievable for such a small seatbox and even Alex Bones also uses one of these seat boxes. Small float tubes and accessory trays make for a super-tidy box. Even though it harks back to bygone days, the deep storage tray at the base of the box is a beautiful thing! Imagine being able to store items like a catapult or a 250ml pole pot in your seatbox, yes it might seem like a pipe dream to others, but it’s a reality with the Compact. These are must-see boxes if you are in the market for something new, and judging by the number of them seen on the banks and Commercial fisheries, many anglers agree.

    Deep Modular Side Winder Draw Unit

    Do you need a Seatbox that is durable, modular and reliable? Consider the Preston Innovations Abolsute Compact Seatbox and if that's not good enough, this Seatbox comes with a free Deep Modular Side Winder Draw Unit from Preston Innovations. Available in-store and online at

    Need more information? Scott Geens from Preston Innovations sheds more light on this awesome Seatbox: