Daiwa Interline Fishing Rods

Guideless rod blanks have been around for a long time. They allow for longers casts, offer superior action, and have the strength to tame the hardest fighting species.

As the line is distributed evenly along the entire spiral structure of the rod blank, this results in decreased torque, providing smoother retrieves, friction-free casting, and ultra-smooth even drag pressure.

Interline Configuration
With a linear interline guide structure, the line runs inside the blank, therefore requires no guides to provide torque stress points. With many contact points, (i.e. rod rings), torque friction is reduced. In contrast, without rings you have no extra weight, therefore the blank's true action is optimised.  You also have fewer tangles, no guide breakages, and achieve even line control with convenient no tangling storage.
Daiwa Aird Interline Baitcaster Rod

Decreasing line contact and drag increases casting distance and accuracy by drawing water off the line and keeping the line centred in the rod. By increasing the number of spirals and decreasing the spiral peak, interline rods are inherently more sensitive. These rods are specially designed with a carbon thread inside to make sure the line goes smoothly and will not touch the rod's side tightly.

Daiwa Tournament Interline 7ft Rods
So if you've not tried a Daiwa Interline rods yet, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much faster, smoother and much more sensitive the rod feels and performs. The Daiwa Aird Interline Baitcaster is particularly suited to Pike and Predator fishing, while the Daiwa Tournament Interline 7ft Rod is excellent for boat fishing for Cod, Pollack etc.