Scottish Government Pike Conservation Consultation 2018

The Scottish Government wish to consult on new potential pike conservation measures which would introduce a maximum size limit on individual Pike taken from inshore waters in Scotland, a bag limit of one Pike to be retained by each angler per day and include a provision making the sale of any rod-caught pike illegal.

The Scottish Government wishes to hear views and receive any further evidence associated with these potential measures which exists, especially from salmon and freshwater fisheries stakeholders, such as District Salmon Fishery Boards, Fisheries Trusts, game and coarse anglers, angling clubs, angling associations and riparian proprietors.

Once the consultation is closed Scottish Ministers will review the responses when considering whether they believe it is necessary or expedient to make regulations for the conservation of pike. If they consider it is, we would anticipate that a Scottish Statutory Instrument (SSI) could be introduced in 2019.

The online consultation will take you around 2 minutes to complete and is set up so it can be completely anonymous. If you you care at all about the future of recreational angling in Scotland it is very important that you have your say! In the past these consultations have had a very low response from the very anglers that ultimately these new laws will have the most effect on - there is no point complaining about them later if you haven't bothered to respond to the consultation in the first place! You only have until the 31st of August to complete the consultation - SO DO IT NOW!
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  1. Done! Doesn't take long and hopefully will go some way to protecting these wonderful fish.


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