Shakespeare Agility 2 Exp Travel Fly Rod Review

Shakespeare Agility 2 EXP Travel Fly Rod Review
Shakespeare are well known for producing excellent fly rods at affordable prices and the Agility2 EXP is no exception. This compact seven-piece fly rod is the travel version of the Agility2 and there are five rods in the range from an 8ft 6in 5wt.

The overall finish and fittings are of good quality, the uplocking rings are excellent and free running, and the cork handles are exceptionally comfortable. The rod was also chosen as "Tackle Tester's Choice" in Trout Fisherman magazine.

The handle section of the 10ft 7wt can be customised to suit your fishing/casting styles – choose from a simple alloy screw-in butt cap or unscrew this to attach a 1.5-inch cork/EVA fighting butt, or a four-inch cork/EVA handle extension which turns it into a double-handed rod. This makes it very versatile, being the ideal reservoir bank and boat rod with the alloy cap or fighting butt attached. With the extension handle fitted it can be used for Sea Trout and Salmon fishing.

With a relatively short casting stroke, you can deliver lines at a short and medium range with excellent turnover and the tip has a fast recovery which allows for proper line control and accuracy. When delivering lines at longer range and double hauling, slowing your cast to match the rod will give you excellent control and your line shoots will be really smooth.

Shakespeare Agility2 EXP Travel Rod
The rod can cope with overhead, single and double haul casts and has enough flex to generate roll, switch and single Spey casts. This means it will go from stillwater to river work seamlessly, which is excellent for a rod of this price.

When a fish is hooked its playing action is also quite deep with the whole rod bending into the equation and giving a great sense of feel. When it comes to stillwater work, a rod should be able to handle a range of sinking density lines from midge-tips through to fast intermediates and the EXP is more than capable. Its 7wt rating is spot on, although those anglers wanting a little more weight in the cast will find a dual 7/8wt will work for them, and with medium to extra fast sinking lines those anglers with good casting skills will find a 6/7wt is perfect.

Onto the 9ft 6wt, which doesn’t come with the handle extensions. It has a similar casting action to its big brother. It is perfect for smaller stillwaters when you want to use light line tactics while also having the strength and power to subdue those large doubles on the clear stalking waters.

The 6wt rating is perfect, although it will also take a 5wt, so you can go even lighter for the top of the water sport.

They are user-friendly, smooth casting and will do all that you ask of them, covering all casting styles from overhead to continuous motion, and these affordable and compact rods are ideal for sticking in a rucksack or in the boot of the car when destination fishing or when a long walk to a venue is on the cards.

If you would like more information on the Shakespeare Agility 2 EXP Rod or would like to give it a try in the casting pool, visit us in store at either the Glasgow Angling Centre or the Edinburgh Angling Centre. Or call us on 0141 212 8880 and our expert staff will be happy to help.

This article was brought to you in association with Trout Fisherman magazine.