How to Tie the Palomar Knot

How to Tie the Palomar Knot
If you wish to hook and land seriously big fish, the Palomar knot is one knot that you should learn how to tie. It provides excellent grip upon both swivels and hooks, it retains masses of strength and it’s a very reliable knot to use too. If you are into LRF or Drop Shot Fishing, this is definitely a knot you want to master.

The reason why it is so strong is because two lengths of line pass through the hook or swivel so the load is spread out equally upon the line, as opposed to having just the one length of line wrapped through the eye of the hook or swivel.

What’s more, the more you pull this knot, the more secure it becomes.

Here is a breakdown of how to tie it…

Step 1: Fold your line over and thread it through the eye of the swivel or hook.

Step 2: Now loop the doubled-up line over and pass the tag end through the loop you have just formed.

Step 3: Pass the end of the doubled-up line over the swivel of the hook.

Step 4: Work the knot closed with your fingers and dampen it with saliva. Now gently pull the swivel or hook and the line away from each other to tighten.

Step 5: The finished knot should be compact and neat. Trim off the tag end and away you go!

It is a very simple knot to learn – anyone can tie this knot – and once mastered you will be sure that your link between line and fish is a strong one.

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