Stillwater Shuriken Rods in Review

Stillwater Shuriken Rods in Review

We don’t think many will argue that the birth of Stillwater, although producing good rods, was to target making affordable fishing gear for the angler rather than focusing on performance.

Well now there is a twist in the tale, in the form of the Stillwater Shuriken Rods.

Stillwater, in conjunction with Japanese giants Daiwa, have changed the game with an 11ft Pellet Waggler and a 10ft Mini Method Feeder.

And the brand-new rods to the range bring you the angler unequalled quality, unmatched performance and maybe most important of all incredible value.

Both rods are made from slender, equal-length two-piece carbon blanks. The 11ft Pellet Waggler, targeted for anglers looking for Carp and F1 fishing, is rated to reel lines up to 8lb. The 10ft Mini Method Feeder will handle feeders up to 40g and comes with 1oz and 1.5oz carbon quivers.

11ft Pellet Waggler
For all you anglers who are also concerned with how you look whilst on the water, do not worry! The rods have key furnishing features that will catch many an eye as well as many a fish.

Both rods include all-cork handles, aluminium oxide lined guides, classy gloss black whippings and a keeper ring as the icing on the cake.

The pair sport a superb and sweetly progressive action and the seven white-tipped whippings on the 10ft Mini Method Feeder quivertips are, for lack of a better word, stunning. Perhaps a stroke of genius here by Stillwater as your focus, almost like a state of hypnosis, is drawn to the white whippings, which makes missing that crucial take very unlikely.

As reviewed by The Angling Times, The 11ft Pellet Waggler has very similar charms to its stablemate, but the tip-end is slightly softer, giving it more whip and making it easier to cast those lighter floats such as 4AAA (3.5g) upwards.

Daiwa’s influence can be felt throughout the rod. This is a huge bonus as that unique Daiwa strength and feel make these rods able to conquer any environment they find themselves in, whether it be large commercial fisheries or smaller f1s and stockies.
10ft Mini Method Feeder

So, what's not to like about these rods?

Well, the answer is nothing.

These rods really are a joy to play fish on and the fact that you can buy both Stillwater Shuriken rods for less than the price of the high-end Feeder or Pellet Waggler weapon is astonishing and makes them an absolute steal.

So, if you are looking for a rod that is ideal for almost every size of fishery, has great casting action and combines good looks and performance, then look no further than the Stillwater Shuriken rods.

You can find out more information on the Stillwater Shuriken Rods by contacting us on 0141 212 8880. Our expert staff will be more than happy to help you.

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