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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Stillwater Wader Carrier Change Bag for £17!

When you need to change out of your waders or boots after fishing, it can be a messy affair, and dangerous.  However, the Stillwater Wader Carrier Change Bag solves this problem.

Stillwater Wader Carrier Change Bag
It is made from a durable, quilted Cordura to protect your waders and boots from the elements (and everything else from your boots).  It also features an integrated, roll-out mat for easy changing, and mesh panelling on the lid to aid in air-circulation.  This enables waders to dry out and limits the amount of odour building up in you car or cupboard.  
No longer do you need to store your smelly, or mucky waders, in the boot of your car, leaving it a mess.  The roll mat protects your feet from the cold, wet ground and gives you a dry space from which to change out of your soaking wet waders, into your dry socks and shoes.

The Stillwater Wader Bag comes in a generous 40 x 40 x 18cm and is suitable for stockingfoot waders, chest waders, boots, wellingtons, and wading boots.  

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