Daiwa XL Ruckstool for just £22!

Deal of the Week - Daiwa XL Ruck Stool

Some ruck stools are a compromise in terms of carrying capacity but this XL Daiwa model is a proper voluminous fishing bag as well as a comfy seat with the main compartment weighing in at 43cm x22cm x 20cm.

This style of  luggage is popular with Anglers, Bird Watchers and Ramblers anyone that loves to get out there to get a bit of peace and quiet in the countryside, as my folks said drinking it in!

Perfect for a roving angler that likes to take a break and savour the outdoors, carries all your gear for a roaming session and even has the all important flask holder for your coffee. 

Comfy Padded Seat with a Sturdy Steel Frame

Seat height 48.5cm, Rucksack has one front pocket and two side pockets with buckled closures to carry all your gear

Ruck straps for easy transport, Folded dimension 67cm x 33cm x 8cm