Scierra EDP Fly Reel #7/9 Weight

Scierra EDP Fly Reel
The Scierra EDP Fly Reel may have a budget price tag but it's packed with the essential style and functionality you would expect from a fly reel at much higher price point.  This particular model, #7/9 weight, is perfect for stillwater Trout fishing, small rivers for Salmon and Pike fly fishing.  In terms of balance, it will suit a multitude of fly rods and has a generous capacity of 90yds of 20lb backing with a WF8.  It has a solid, easy-to-use, reliable drag and features a die-cast construction.

With the EDP Fly Reel you won't get a better fly reel for the money with features like: large arbor design, Scierra branding, stunning silver finish and supplied in a protective cloth bag.  It's a smooth reel that stands out from the crowd cosmetically and offers reliable performance when you need it most.

If you are looking for a fly reel with a stable drag system and don't won't to pay a fortune, look no further than the Scierra EDP Fly Reel.  It's not just not just a reel for the budget conscious!