Okuma Polaris PLR-55 Spinning Reel

If you are looking for the perfect spinning reel for Pike, Salmon or Inshore Sea Fishing, the Okuma Polaris PLR-55 Spinning Reel fits the bill nicely.

Cosmetically it's a stunning spinning reel with an attractive white finish and ergonomic design. In terms of functionality it will exceed your expectations with features such as Okuma's rigid, extremely tough and corrosion-proof graphite body and rotor which increases the reel's longevity.  This is especially useful if you use it extensively for inshore sea fishing.

Under the hood, the Polaris shines like it's namesake: there's an elliptical gearing system where two non-circular gears pivot around on focus to create a smoother turn of the spool. The benefit of this type of gearing in fishing reels is that it produces better speed and torque from a constant rotation - no matter what the pressure.  The Polaris PLR 55 also features an infinite anti-reverse bearing which eliminates slop from the drive train, an anodised braid ready spool and a multi-disc oiled felt drag system that pays out smoothly.  

Performance-wise, it's a very smooth reel, even under extreme pressure.  For example if you find yourself playing a rather large Salmon or Pike, the Polaris can and will win the fight with less fatigue.  So you really are getting a quality product in the PLR-55 reel from Okuma and it epitomises Okuma's philosophy of creating great products which are out of this world.