Best Travel Spinning Rods For Fishing

Travel Rods are the perfect solution when you fancy an impromptu visit to your local canal or river when you are on your way home from work. They are also fantastic for sticking in the back of your car so you have a rod handy whenever you get the opportunity to fish.  Alternatively, If you like to fish on holiday or when hiking, a travel rod will easily pack into your suitcase or rucksack.

Travel rods come in all shapes and sizes but fundamentally they solve a key problem: the ability to fish without having to lug a load of fishing gear about.  So owning a travel rod is a great investment because you might find yourself staring over at the set of rocks near your holiday accommodation and think 'that would be an awesome spot to fish.'  Alternatively, you might be on a family day out near a pier or a bit of water, giving you the perfect opportunity to give your kids their first try at casting or reeling in. Therefore owning a travel fishing rod gives you endless possibilities to fish new places and catch new species.

Advantages of Travel Rods

Travel rods come in all shapes and sizes.  For example, telescopic travel rods are popular because they pack down to a small size and are not too bulky.  They are quick to assemble and will have you fishing in no time with minimal fuss.  However, if you prefer a travel rod with a bit more sensitivity or a better action, a multi-piece travel rod is a great option. Take for example the Ron Thompson Tyran NX-Series Travel Rod. As a travel spinning rod, it comes in 10ft length, 4 pieces and has a 2-12 gram casting weight so it's great for casting a variety of lures, shads and baits. But what's really special about the Tyran is the rod's composition.  It's built on a 30-ton Korean carbon material that was developed by the Japanese and American Governments to be used in strategic materials and shielding.  You can also expect other cracking features like heavy duty EVA handle with cork endings, soft palm easy grip, screw down rubber fishing reel seat and a quality, protective rod bag.  So it's a tough, powerful, slim and extremely lightweight rod, making it compact yet powerful enough to fish for species such as Pike, Trout, Perch and Salmon.  It's also a great rod for light, in-shore sea fishing both at home and abroad where all you need is a couple of lures, a half decent spinning reel, some line and you are good to go!  

Therefore, whatever you needs are regarding a travel spinning rod, it's definitely a worthwhile investment.   Yes, you may have your 'go-to' commercial fishery, favourite species or style of fishing - there is nothing wrong with that - however having a travel rod will give you the opportunity to roam, to explore and re-connect with that feeling of adventure that fishing gave us when we were kids.  It's time to discover that again and experience what else is out there, and having a Ron Thompson Tryon NX-Series will give you plenty of opportunities for adventure because the best travel spinning rods are the ones that create great fishing memories.