Wychwood Connect Ghost Line Review

Wychwood's Connect series of fly-lines replaced the outgoing Charles Jardine series that covered everything from floating through to super-fast sinking lines with one exception. Missing from the Jardine series was a fast intermediate line, and Wychwood have filled the gap with the Connect Series Ghost Intermediate Fly Line.

The Connect Ghost intermediate is a clear line sinking at at rate of 1.5 to 2 inches per second (ips) and it has a 33.5ft head length with a 56.5ft running line, giving an overall length of 90ft. It has a neat welded loop on the front end making it easy to make a loop to loop connection to your leader and tippet.

This PVC line is built around a clear monofilament core and although it appears opaque when dry, as soon as it’s in the water it almost disappears from view, hence the name ‘ghost’. This makes it ideal for stealth fishing, whether you are targeting trout on a clear stalking water or on a reservoir when fish are up in the water but are wary of coloured fly lines.
Wychwood Connect Series Ghost Intermediate 
An easy line to cast
With a workable head length, this is a smooth line to pick up and cast. It feels slightly ‘sticky’ to start with, but once it is wet, it is incredibly slick through the fly rod rings and fingers. A good tip for these clear lines is to dunk them into the water when they’re on the fly reel at the start of the session, and then they are slick from the word go.

After a few casts with the line, it will sink uniformly along its length. This is to be expected with a line straight out of the box, as there may be some grease residue on it. If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen you can treat it with some Loon Line Speed. The Ghost has a reasonable amount of stretch so you can pull out any initial memory, although the line does have very little memory anyway - it does help to use a large arbor fly reel.

An excellent line that now completes the full set for Wychwood. A fast intermediate is one of the most popular sinking profiles and being clear it is excellent for stealth fishing. Use it for washing-line tactics, stripping lures and using a figure-of-eight to retrieve nymphs and wets.

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