Sage One Fly Rods with Konnetic Technology

If you can imagine a fly rod that is 25% lighter than the average, more aerodynamic and offers virtually no lateral movement, then you have the ultimate casting instrument.  Even better is the fact that Sage made this image reality - it's called the Sage One Fly Rod.

The Sage One features Sage's groundbreaking Konnetic technology which is a significant evolution in fly rod innovation.  It uses new materials with pioneering methods and processes to align carbon fibre materials to exacting tolerances for ultimate rod blank strength. This gives you the angler a fly rod that offers exceptional casting accuracy and energy transfer.

The Sage One features Fuji stripper guides, chrome snake guides, high grade cork handle, anodised reel seat and comes in a black powder coated aluminium rod tube.  There's a model to suit various situations, from 8ft6 #4 for small rivers and streams to 9ft #6 for larger rivers to stillwaters.

So if you are looking for a fly rod that smoothly loads and unloads with minimal effort and transfers that energy efficiently to your fly line, the Sage is the One for you.