Hodgman Jackets, Wading Boots & Waders

As anglers, we encounter varying degrees of weather and ever increasing occurrences of weather anomalies. Obviously seasonality plays a major factor; in the British Isles for example winter can be a mixed bag of arctic winds, sleet and snow - we are also experiencing greater periods of mild weather during winter! However regardless of the conditions, angling clothing has evolved dramatically so that you can have a great day out on the water.

Hodgman have recently entered the UK market with an exemplary line of angling clothing which ticks all the boxes for a typical day’s fishing during the UK fishing season. The brand originated in 1838 in Massachusetts and evolved with new technology to create premium waterproof rubber products. Since then the company has been acquired by various companies that specialise in marine and outdoor clothing ranges. Significantly, Hodgman was acquired by Pure Fishing in 2011. Pure fishing is one of the world’s largest makers of fishing tackle and is the owner of brands such as Hardy, Greys, ABU Garcia, Shakespeare, Berkley and Mitchell to name but a few. And as Pure fishing are deeply committed to being at the forefront of innovation and technology, each of it’s brands are highly regarded worldwide and associated with quality, style and durability. Hodgman are arguably one of Pure Fishing’s premium brands when it comes to clothing.

Hodgman’s philosophy is to exceed boundaries and go the extra mile to develop fishing gear that can stand up to the toughest conditions. Their motivation? To allow anglers to have the best possible experience in terms of comfort and safety and consequently, a more memorable outdoor adventure. Therefore in their line of jackets, stocking foot waders and wading boots, hours and hours of testing, both in term of research and development and field testing has resulted in total certainty that the product won’t let you down. However Hodgman are even more ambitious than that. They are so confident in their products that they have reached a level of absolute confidence that you won’t find a better garment on the market!

Hodgman Fishing Jackets
Hodgeman products are constructed of the highest quality and made to keep you focused on fishing. In the Hodgman Jackets range there is a garment for every conceivable situation including insulating shells that offer warmth and waterproof/resistance, or water-resistant/breathable shells that protect you from light, short-term precipitation. Additionally you can also get a jacket that will keep you warm in very cold days.  

The Aesis Jacket range will keep you warm and dry in winter, protect you in the windiest of conditions and dry when the heavens open up. The Hodgman Aesis 3-in-1 Jacket combines an outer shell jacket and an inner insulating jacket to give you optimal protection in the coldest days on the bank. The shell layer is made from a 2-layer waterproof and windproof V-Tech breathable fabric and features a warm micro-fleece lining and fully taped seams. There’s plenty of pockets for keeping all your essential gear, stormproof watertight cuffs, adjustable brimmed hood and YKK, water repellent zip chest pockets. The Aesis-3-in-1 Jacket inner layer is removable and features moisture wicking Thinsulate, YKK zip hand pockets and an inner security pocket. The Aesis inner shell can be zipped inside the outer shell therefore giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease the layering when the conditions dictate. However one of the most salient features the the Aesis 3-In-1 Jacket is that it utilises Optimised Range of Motion (ROM) which allows you to move freely and cast efficiently.

Hodgman Aesis 3-in-1 Jacket

When the conditions are mild, particularly in mid to late Spring, early Autumn or Summer, the challenge is to manage over-heating or to stay dry when it pours. The main factor is layering. Too many layers and you get too hot and depending on the material of your jacket, base layer or mid-layer, it can be quite uncomfortable. So if it’s just a shell layer you are after, the Hodgman Aesis Shell Jacket is perfect. The Aesis Shell Jacket has a 3-layer waterproof/windproof V-Tech breathable fabric with fully taped seams giving you triple water-shedding. It also has a 3-way adjustable integrated wire brimmed hood, two large front pockets, YKK water repellent zip chest pockets and storm tight cuffs. The Aesis Shell is the perfect jacket if you like to store fly boxes and other gear and like to keep on the move, and like the 3-In-1 Jacket, the Aesis Shell features ROM so you confidently move and cast without restriction.
Hodgman Aesis Shell Jacket

If you want to go even lighter, there are two other jackets that Hodgman have on offer which strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Firstly the Hodgman Aesis Sonic Wadelite Jacket is designed for lightweight use, protecting you from light showers and wind. The Wadelite Jacket is the perfect layer when it’s just not warm enough to wear a shirt or when you need a good breathable jacket that will not let you sweat too much. The Wadelite Jacket also features a 3-layer waterproof/windproof V-Tech fabric, and for added ventilation there are laser cut underarm perforations to enhance breathability. Secondly, for going ultra-light, the Hodgman Aesis Soft-shell Jacket is a fantastic windproof, fleece lined, water-shedding shell jacket for favourable weather conditions.  The Aesis Soft Shell features YKK zips and cinch cuffs.  Wear the Aesis Soft Shell when you need to keep warm on those chilly mornings or when you are fishing on a remote river or lake where despite the mild conditions, is exposed to a breeze.
Hodgman Aesis Softshell Jacket
Hodgman Aesis Sonic Wadelite Jacket

When the Jet Stream decides to go on holiday down south forcing colder northerly airstreams to circulate  around the UK, in terms of layering, you need something a bit more heavy duty.  In mountain environments, Goose Down has been the primary insulating material for years because of it's lightweight properties, however Hodgman have went a step further to create a jacket the utilises the warmth of Down but with decreased weight, increased water repellency and quicker drying time.
Hodgman Aesis Hyperdry Down Jacket
The Hodgman Aesis Hyperdry Down Jacket offers optimal insulation thanks to Allied HyperDRY pure Goose Down, which utilises nanotechnology to create the perfect water barrier. The shoulders and arms also feature V-TecH shell fabric to further decrease the effect of cold on your core temperature.  The HyperDry also features YKK zips and hand warmer pockets if you want to protect your hands from the biting wind.  The beauty of the Aesis Down Jacket is that it will allow you to fish on the coldest of days and because of the styling, it's perfect as a general-wear winter jacket.  The outer shell layer of the Hyperdry Jacket is coated with a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) treatment which causes water to bead on the outside of the garment and is showerproof.

When it comes to layering, you can't forget the legs and Hodgman have a range of breathable stocking foot waders to suit all conditions. In warmer conditions breathable waders are much more effective because in contrast to Neoprene or PVC, they allow sweat to escape but still remain waterproof. Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Front Stocking Foot Waders are particularly effective because they feature a fully waterproof front zipper which can be opened to increase ventilation. Aesis Sonic Stocking Foot Waders utilise Sonic 2.0 technology to create double welded seams which decreases the number of stitch holes required.  Each seam is then reinforced with a waterproof seam tape for maximum leak protection. 

Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Front Stocking Foot Waders

The upper features a breathable 4-layer shell fabric and a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating to shed water away from the waders.  Other features include two micro-fleece lined pockets, a suspender system that converts the waders from chest to waist high without removing the suspenders and a stretch wading belt with a low profile DuraFlex buckle and belt loops.  

For colder days, Hodgman have created a line of stocking foot waders that eliminates the need for an extra base layer.  Hodgman Aesis Sonic Stocking Foot Wader works in conjunction with Hodgman Core INS Wader Liner and also features double sonic welded seams, reinforced taped seams, breathable 4-layer upper for moisture vapour transfer and like the Aesis Zip Front, a suspender system that converts the waders from chest high to waist high.  

Hodgman Sonic Aesis Stocking Foot Waders

Hodgman Core INS Stocking Foot Wader Liner
By adding the Core INS Wader Liner to your Aesis Sonic Stocking Foots, you have the ultimate insulating system.  The liner is also designed to slip in and out of the wader easily in minutes and reduces the build up in sweat vapour, again making it a much more effective system than Neoprene.

Also compatible with Core INS and perfect for colder days is the Hodgman H5 Stocking Foot Wader.  The  H5 has all the same features as the Aesis Sonic Waders however they have utilised a 5-layer construction on the leg and seat for exceptional puncture resistance. Other unique features of the H5 Stocking Foots is that Hodgman eliminated inside leg seams in high abrasion areas but still allowed for greater flexibility and mobility.  They also fitted comfort fit gravel guards to eliminate a bulky and uncomfortable connection point at the top of the booties.

Hodgman H5 Stocking Foot Waders
Lastly in the Hodgman Waders department is Hodgman Aesis Sonic Stocking Foot Wader Digi-Camo.  Again like the H5 and Aesis Sonic, the Digi-Camo Stocking Foots are perfect for cold weather and offer optimal insulation and breathability.  The Digi-Camo is also compatible with the Core INS system, features 5-layer seat and legs, Sonic 2.0 double welded seams, waterproof taped seams, Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and a DuraFlex buckle and belt loops. However the Hodgman Aesis Digi Stocking Foots offer a more contemporary styling in the upper.

Hodgman Aesis Sonic Digi Stocking Root Waders
Having the ultimate layering system for your body and legs can make the difference in having a great day or an miserable one, however if you don't have stability when wading it can prove fatal.  Therefore when selecting wading boots it's important to choose the right sole for the type of conditions you are wading to prevent slipping.  Whether the conditions are rocky or muddy, it's important to know what sole is appropriate.  Felt soles are suitable for algae covered rock bottom rivers and banks to give you grip on slippery rocks or stream beds.  Rubber soles are useful when the terrain is gravely, muddy or grassy.  Rubber soles also give good traction when conditions underfoot are snowy or icy therefore make an excellent choice for winter wading.  Lastly, studded soles increase traction even further on hard surfaces, riverbanks and shorelines.

In the Hodgman Wading Boots range, there is a pair to cover all eventualities.  Hodgman utilise advanced closure systems, abrasion resistance and cushioning to give the wading angler's feet comfort and warmth regardless of the external environment. 

Hodgman Aesis Lock Wading Boots

Hodgman Aesis H-Lock Wading Boots are one of the most advanced wading boot systems available.  They feature Hodgman's H-Lock removable sole system that allows you to swap soles for the appropriate traction control, in any terrain or aquatic environment.  The dual lock system holds the sole securely in place and once engaged, the sole will not come off.  Hodgman H-Lock Soles can be bought separately including: Studded Wadetch or Studded Felt Sole.

Hodgman H-Lock Soles

Aesis Lock Wading Boots also feature BOA M2 closure system, corrosion resistant outer, reinforced toe for added protection, lightweight shock-absorbing EVA mid-sole and integrated drainage ports to remove excess water weight quickly.  

Hodgman H5 H-Lock Wading Boots offer the same benefits as the Aesis Lock Wading Boots, including removable sole system, reinforced upper and EVA mid-sole etc but come in lace-up instead of a BOA closure.

Hodgman H5 H-Lock Wading Boots
Lastly in the Hodgman wading boot range is the Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wading Boot.  Again, featuring the very impressive H-Lock removable sole system, integrated drainage system, reinforced toe guard, and corrosion resistant components and hardware, however these boots are are a bit special.  The Vion H-Lock Boot is Neoprene lined for added warmth, incorporates waterproof Nuckbuck leather in the outer and offers exceptional durability and comfort.  They are a saltwater ready and features double-stitched panel construction for longer term durability.  As wading boots go, they are pretty much as comfortable as they come and if worn in conjunction with a quality wading sock, will give you exceptional warmth and support when you need to spend hours on your feet.

Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wading Boots

So given our increasingly unpredictable climate in the UK, selecting the right layering system, waders and footwear can make or break your day. As highlighted, we encounter varying degrees of weather and ever increasing occurrences of weather anomalies, therefore it is important to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.  However you can minimise the impact the weather has on your day by making smart decisions about layering, and Hodgman is one brand that will give you confidence to go out in even the nastiest days.  Wearing a Hodgman Jacket, Hodgman Wading Boots and Hodgman waders will give you the ultimate layering system and of course you can find all the latest Hodgman gear at Fishingmegastore.