Chub RS-Plus Bivvy For All Weather

The Chub RS-Plus Bivvy is a solid, durable bivvy that lets you fish in all weather conditions. It's very easy to assemble, has plenty of room and with a hydrostatic head of 5000mm, is extremely waterproof for those days when it decides to chuck it down.

The beauty of this bivvy is that there are various permutations regarding the door which lets you set up the bivvy to suit your requirements.  For example there's a mozzie door, clear door and zip off option of the whole front section which is great for warmer conditions.  This also lets you easily move in and out if your bite alarm goes off.  If you pitch the open face away from the wind, it also acts as a fantastic wind break.  Alternatively if you need bed down for the night, attach the appropriate door and lay the detachable groundsheet.

For greater strength and security, there are shock-corded pegging points which lets you add more pegs in case the wind gets up.  This keeps the whole bivvy structure solid.  For even greater solidity the RS-Plus also comes with inline bivvy tension bars.

In terms of assembly, it is very easy.  In the beginning you will need to follow instructions however with repeated practice of assembly and disassembly, it becomes a breeze.  It has 3 poles which fits into 3 sections and once inserted it's just a case of hooking the poles into the pegging straps and the whole thing can be erected in one go.

Chub have really put anglers at the centre of the design of this bivvy.  It's deceptively roomy so you've got plenty of room for a bivvy bed and all your gear.  It's easy to carry, is lightweight and includes high quality screw style bivvy T-pegs with drawstring bag.  Perfect for Carp or Pike anglers.