Penn Affinity LC7000 Black Edition for Incredible Distance and Accuracy

The Penn Affinity LC7000 Black Edition is the perfect reel for long range surf casting or Carp fishing.  It is modelled on the Penn Affinity LC700 but has a low flash finish, 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings and achieves staggering distance with incredible accuracy.

The Penn Affinity LC7000 also functions as a Big Pit Carp reel with it's long tapered, forged aluminium spool and low oscillation movement for the perfect line lay.  This allows you to achieve maximum distance with mono or braided lines.

The Affinity also has strategically placed stainless steel ball-bearings and performs very smoothly under tension or load.  There is also the quick turn drag system, titanium main shaft, manual bail arm with oversized diameter and rotor brake system therefore offering exceptional durability and increased lifespan.

The handle on the Affinity folds and is fitted with an ergonomic rubber handle that gives extra grip for those who require it.  Essentially, the Affinity looks every bit as good as it feels and being Saltwater resistant, will give you years of great performance.