Okuma Epix V2 Baitfeeder with One Touch Lever Clutch System

The Okuma Epix V2 Baitfeeder Reel is perfectly suited to Pike or Specialist fishing and makes hauling in larger fish a breeze.  It has a separate drag which is especially useful when you need to allow the fish to pull line from the reel and still maintain some tension without having to lower the main drag.

This 'secondary' drag disengages when you either move the Epix V2's one touch lever system or when you turn the reel handle which allows the reel to return to the main preset drag.

The Epix V2 Baitfeeder is designed to deliver the highest performance and features include a patented EOS elliptical oscillation system, patented bait feeder one touch lever clutch system, quick release aluminium spool, multi-disk main drag system, a gear ration of 4.8:1 and an aluminium folding handle.

Another great feature of the Epix Baitfeeder Reel is the ability to allow larger fish to pick up a bait and run with very little resistance as they commit to eating.  This provides the best possible chance of successful hookset and with a turn of the handle, you are in!