The Shakespeare Sigma Boat Drogue Will Catch Your Drift

It's an all too familiar occurrence: there is a significant wind blowing which pushes your boat along so fast that it either overruns your fly or you don't have enough time to cover the area you are fishing - for example drifting into margins.  This is where a drogue will slow your drift and give you more time to fish the target zone.

The Shakespeare Sigma Boat Drogue is an inexpensive yet highly effective boat drogue that will catch your drift.  It's 150 x 110cm, has a lightweight but strong material fixed by two 4m ropes to give you plenty of drag.  It also comes supplied in a compact carry bag.

So if you want to make your boat fishing sessions more productive when the wind gets up, the Sigma Boat Drogue is the ideal solution to keep your boat at the right speed therefore give you more time to fish in the target zone.