Luckylaker WiFi Fish Finder for Less

The Luckylaker is a unique iOS and Android compatible fish finder that works through an app on your mobile phone.  The Luckylaker device sends water temperature, depth and fish positions to up to 5 devices at the same time.  It's very light, robust and can be cast into position from a rod.

Features of the Luckylaker Fish Finder include a range of 50m and covering a depth range of 0.6m to 45m, rechargeable battery which runs for approximately 5 hours and a weight of 80g.  Its the ideal bit of kit to identify potential swims, to help decide which depth to fish and can save you from spending loads of time on a particular spot, where in fact, there are no fish!

Grab this amazing piece of kit while stocks last and become a much more product angler.