How Safely Unhook A Pike

If you are new to pike fishing, you may have already observed several different ways of unhooking predators. So what is the safest way to remove treble hooks from a Pike?

Pike may look ferocious with their sharp teeth and muscular frame, but they are in fact one of the most delicate coarse fish in the UK.

Fox Rage Long Nose Pliers
With this in mind, an extra-careful approach is required when unhooking them to make sure they are returned fighting fit to the water.

Greys Prodigy Unhooking Mat
There is a simple four-step process that will help you get the hooks out quickly while caring for your quarry and preventing any damage to your own fingers!

Wychwood Signature 42in Landing Net
To safely land and unhook a Pike successfully, you will need a landing net of around 36 to 42 inches, an unhooking mat, and a pair of long nose forceps and pliers.

Some anglers like to wear a unhooking glove for this process.  This will give you the added security of not cutting your hand when unhooking the fish.

Unhooking Glove
Once you have successfully unhooked the fish, measured it, weighed it, and grabbed a quick photo, return the fish to the water immediately.  Hold the fish by the tail with one hand, hold the underside of the fish with the other and submerge the fish in a horizontal position.  Allow the fish to recuperate before it swims off.  Do not arch the fish's back or squeeze too tightly as this will damage the fish internally.  Do not toss the fish back in the water, and do not hold the fish by the eye sockets!

By following these simple rules and being mindful of the fish's welfare at all times, you should be able to return the fish safely to fight another day.

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