Water Wolf Underwater Camera Captures The Take on Film

The Water Wolf Underwater Camera captures take on film, giving you footage of the moment a fish hits your lure or bait. It gives anglers another dimension to their fishing and offers greater insight into fish behaviour.

The Water Wolf, fully charged, has four hours of recording which is equivalent to a 16GB Micro SD Card. It's also HD Ready 720p widescreen format giving you 30 frames per second for optimum light sensitivity.  

The camera comes with a smart, easy to rig, stainless steel stick that gives it perfect stability when moving through the water.  The camera simply attaches to your mainline, about a foot or so above your bait or lure, and is primed for all the action.  It also features an add-on float to film any bait fishing situation and a very smart EVA carry / strap bag that can be mounted in an number or ways.

So if you really want to see what's 'going on down there' and actually see how the fish are behaving around your bait or lure, or even to explore the water's topology or fish habitat, the Water Wolf is an indispensable piece of kit that will transform how you fish.