LTS Power Sink for Big Casts and Strong Currents

The LTS Power Sink Salmon Fly Rod is a powerful rod and built for big flies, big water and big fish!  The Power Sink can handle a variety of lines including Skagit, Sinking Lines, Sinking Shooting Heads, Ready to Go Kits and Sinking Tips with different densities.

Although it's a powerful rod, it loads easily, has an excellent recovery rate and is a pleasure to cast.  It features a quality high modulus carbon blank, 4 piece construction, quality reel seat, cork handle and comes in a Cordura Rod Tube.  It's suitable to cast #10-12 lines and with it's 15ft, 4 piece construction it's ideal for big heavy waters and long casts.

This is a cracking Salmon Fly Rod so if you are after a rod that's ideal for levelling the playing field against big fish in strong currents, the Power Sink is perfect for you!