SSACN - Urgent help required to REVIVE THE CLYDE

The Scottish Government has received an application for a Regulating Order, which has the intention to “Revive the Clyde”. If successful, the order submitted by the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust(SIFT) will restrict prawn trawling in many of the areas thought to be crucial for the successful recovery of whitefish like Cod and Haddock.
SSACN would have liked the proposed areas to be bigger but never the less it could be a great step forward. In an unprecedented step, the government are testing the water by seeking public opinion before going into a full public consultation.

We understand that some members of the dredging and trawling sector are encouraging people to oppose proposals for change. The government will only proceed to public consultation if there is a wide showing of public support.

How can you help? 
A short email airing your views could make a huge difference; just a brief comment on why the proposed changes would be welcome or at least worthy of a formal consultation.

It might be because:
  •         Closing-off small parts of the sea to heavy fishing gears will allow fish to have safe havens where they can breed and grow

  •         The Clyde belongs to everyone and we should all have a share in how it is managed

  •         You want to have good local angling again!

  •         You want to see cod and other finfish back in sufficient numbers to support the wider local fishing industry

  •         Heavy fishing gears like dredges shouldn't be used in sensitive parts of the Clyde where they cause lasting damage

Further information can be found on the Marine Scotland website: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Sea-Fisheries/InshoreFisheries/clydero
A brief summary can be seen on SIFTS website;  www.sift-uk.org/ClydeRO.aspx 
Please note that any comments have to be sent in by Monday 18th January.

Thanks very much in advance – and feel free to encourage other like-minded colleagues and friends to write in too.


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