Stillwater BPX Big Pit Freespool Reel is Given 'Hot Buy' Status by Anglers Mail

Anlgers Mail recently reviewed the Stillwater BPX Big Pit Freespool Reel in their latest issue which is out on the 5th of January 2016.  The fantastic news is that they have given it "Hot-Buy" status therefore making it a 'must have' item.

The Stillwater BPX Big Pit Freespool Reel
It comes as no surprise that the BPX caught Anglers Mail's attention because it's a reel packed with features found in Big Pit Reels at a much higher price point and it's already a big hit with our Specialist anglers, so achieving such an accolade makes the Stillwater BPX Big Pit Reel even more desirable.

The beauty of the BPX is that it has all the qualities of a big pit Reel with the combined benefit of a free spool reel and features a precision engineered drag system that delivers full control just when you need it.  So when this get echoed by one of the UK's premium angling publications, we know there's something special going on.

Anglers mail have made some very complimentary comments about the BPX Big Pit Reel, notably:

"These good-looking, smooth-running big pit reels, with a free-spool facility, are likely to attract plenty of interest with a price tag of under £45!"

"I like the relatively compact body, but large spool capacity 275 yards of 10 lb line or 155 yards of 15 lb."

"I'm also impressed with the large, rubberised grip, comfortable handle and the reassuringly solid bail and smooth feel of the 5+1 bearing system."

"A useful reel for pikers at this time of year, on braid or mono, as well as carpers, and big river rods on stepped up gear for species such as barbel."

"I have to say that they look and feel like a reel with a more expensive price tag."

The Stillwater BPX Big Pit Freespool Reel

We are thrilled to bits that the Stillwater BPX has achieved such prestigious validation.  It really is a stunning reel and we've had so many happy customers raving about how good it is.  We are right when we say that it's smart look sets it apart from the competition.

The challenge however is finding a better reel for the money and with Anglers Mail singing it's praises, there's never a better time to get your hands on this fantastic Big Pit Freespool Reel both instore and online at Fishingmegastore.  Alternatively if you would like more information about this stunning reel, just call us on 0141 212 8880