Airflo Pit Bull Sunglasses for a Song

Yes they do sound like the famous American rapper but they come from Airflo and won't let you down.  The Pit Bull range of polarized fishing sunglasses have been designed to meet the needs of today's style conscious game angler in a multitude of light conditions.

Pit Bull Sunglasses offer superior optical quality and a comprehensive selection of styles to suit any individual.  Featuring a hard wearing frame and tough plastic polarized lenses, with these sunglasses you'll be protecting your eyes in all sorts of conditions including: sunlight, wind, rain and hail.  In windy conditions reliable eyewear is a must for the fly angler because it takes just one mistake or gust of wind to blow your fly line off course and straight into your face - nasty!! Another great feature about the Pit Bull sunglasses is that they are very reasonably priced therefore not a massive issue if you were to accidentally misplace or lose them - can you imagine if was your good Costa Del Mar Sunglasses?

So we can't sing the praises of these Pit Bull Sunglasses enough.  They won't stop the party but grab a pair today for a song and you'll be "yelling timber" in no time.