Shakespeare Sigma Nylon Chest Waders for Less

Sigma Chest Waders are lightweight, great value and perfect for the angler on a budget. With an inside pocket, chest drawcord at the top and quick release buckle at the shoulder strap you have all the features you need for warmth and keeping the water out no matter what the conditions throw at you.

The nylon is pretty tough and durable so will withstand folding, storing, wading etc and if looked after properly, will last for ages.  At your feet you have a durable felt sole to provide excellent grip on range of surface and good quality boot construction to withstand scuffing and scraping against rocks etc.  There's also plenty of size options so taking the price, value and range into account, there's no better wader on the market at this price point.  So get in there fast and buy your Sigma Chest Waders today while stocks last.