Grayling Fishing on the Rivers Nith and Annan

The Nith Catchment Fishery Trust are hosting a Grayling Fishing Day on the River Nith on Saturday 9th January 2016. The purpose of the day is to provide an opportunity for anglers to experience the Grayling fishing on the various beats of the Nith and also to provide valuable information on the distribution of these fish for the Nith Trust.

Access to the Beats has been provided by kind permission of the various owners but a small donation of £10 is requested, proceeds to go to Nith Catchment Fishery Trust. All anglers must pre-book (see contact details below). Anglers will rendezvous at Friars Carse Hotel where permits and beat information will be allocated. Following the days fishing anglers will re-assemble at Friars Carse to hand in their return sheet and attend a short prize giving.

The Grayling Day on the River Nith is being co-ordinated with one on the River Annan in order that anglers are afforded the opportunity to participate in both days. We very much hope that you come along and experience the Grayling Fishing on the River Nith and perhaps enjoy a whole weekend Grayling Fishing on both the Nith and Annan.

To pre book places on the River Nith grayling day please contact:

Liz tel: 01387 740043