Costa Del Mar Man O'War Sunglasses for Maximum Protection

As an angler, you need to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you and having the right eyewear is essential to give you maximum protection.  Sunlight, spray, dust, wind, even sand can impair vision and cause all sorts of problems for you including eye strain and damage. Not to mention a serious eye injury if your hook accidentally catches the wind and it ends up in your face - nasty!  So you want to be confident that you are protected against all possibilities.

These Costa Del Mar Man O'War sunglasses not only provide excellent protection, they are also exceptionally stylish, lightweight, comfortable and offer 100% polarization and UV light blockage.  The lenses have the greatest level of clarity and the frame is made from a heavy-duty TR 90 nylon frame so you can be confident they will withstand any knocks etc.

With Christmas just round the corner, these Costa Man O'War Sunglasses also make a superb Fishing gift for the angler in your life, so don't miss out on this fantastic offer.  Save £99.99 today and get your hands on these outstanding sunglasses.