Wychwood Charles Jardine Fly Lines for Superior Presentation

Charles Jardine is well known and highly regarded in the fly fishing community as a world master of the sport.  He regularly features in all the UK's top fly fishing magazines offering tips and advice on how to improve your catch rate.  This is in combination with his outstanding artwork which consolidate all the key techniques in visually stunning drawings.
Given this notoriety and respect, Charles's knowledge is in high demand.  He has recently teamed up with Wychwood's design team to bring to the bank a range of fly lines which have been commended for both their performance and simplicity.
Deep Water Sinking, Just Under and Distance Floating are just some of the lines to emerge from Wychwood and Charles's corroboration, each line delivering exceptional performance.  So if you goal is to deliver tight loops and excellent presentation, the bullet-style body of the Charles Jardine Distance Floating Fly Line is the prefect line for you.  Alternatively, if you regularly encounter the situation where you need to present small nymphs and buzzers to Trout feeding just under the surface, the Just Under Line is ideal.
There are lots of fly lines on the market at different price points and made from various materials, however we can't recommend Wychwood Charles Jardine Fly Lines enough.  These lines simply do "exactly as it says on the tin."