NOT Black Friday @ Glasgow Angling Centre!

We don't do Black Friday, we do killer angling offers 24-7, no crowds, no queues, no fuss!

Here at GAC you don't need to wait for 'Black Friday' to get a great deal on fishing tackle, we've got amazing deals instore and on our website 365 days a year! Our clearance section always has 1000’s of products at knock-down prices with discounts of as much as 92% all year round!
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We don’t have to adopt an outdated American custom to offer you a super deal on most of the top brands in fishing and shooting gear – why on earth would we want to endanger our customers in a reckless stampede, or have you wait in an infuriating online ‘cyber-queue’ for hours on end! We won’t ask you to queue outside for hours overnight in all weathers, we promise not to put prices down on Black Friday and whack them back up again afterwards, our sale prices stay down until we sell out no matter what day of the year it is. It's what we do - ALL THE TIME!
Some cheery folk waiting for a 'Black Friday' deal!
Offering fishing gear at great prices all year round is our goal, you just need to check out the clearance section of our website or ask any staff member instore to find out what’s available at any time - click HERE to see just a few from today's email newsletter in case you missed them!

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