Airflo 40+ Extreme Clear Fast Intermediate Fly Line

When targeting sub-surface feeding trout, using an intermediate fly line can make a big difference.  It can get your flies into the feeding zone quicker and it's much easier to detect takes.  It's also an excellent line when the wind gets up and you need to cut through the wave to present your flies correctly.  Intermediate fly lines also come into their when 'searching' the water column when there's no apparent feeding activity. Just count down as the line sinks, twitch your flies back or retreive with a slow figure of eight and watch for the line to shoot forward suddenly!! 

Whatever the application or situation, the Airflo 40+ Clear Fast Intermediate Fly Line is the perfect choice when the conditions require a more tactical approach.  It has a fast intermediate head section that has a clear mono core and crystal coating.  Couple this with a yellow floating running line for maximum visibility and your well equipped for serious sub-surface action!  

Floating lines can spook fish in calm conditions, so start thinking outside the box and get yourself an Airflo 40+ Intermediate and you won't be  disappointed.