Wiley X Polarised Sunglasses Discounted

Wylie X is a global leader on the forefront of optical technology and is driven by it's passion to create eyewear that protects eye health against the constant threats from the environment.  The glasses are put through rigorous testing and is the only premium sunglasses manufacturer who's entire line is EN.166 and ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety rated.

Wiley X go beyond just eye protection, in fact they align their efforts and technology to produce eyewear that meets the demands of your choses activity.  From surfing to shooting, each pair is meticulously designed to fit the needs of the sport and the wearer.  Their range of sunglasses for fishing is especially outstanding and offer a wide variety of colours and designs to guarantee you will look cool on the bankside or boat.  And now these superior sunglasses are even more affordable with our fantastic offer.  With limited stock available, you need to hurry and grab yours today while stocks last.