Scottish Wild Fisheries Reform - GAC Drop-In Discussion Event

Following last year's Wild Fisheries Review the Scottish Government has commissioned a study of the economic value of freshwater fisheries in Scotland. A key element in this is an online questionnaire for anglers.
It's vital that as many people as possible respond to this, so if you do ANY freshwater fishing in Scotland (whether or not you actually live here) please complete the survey in the link below and share to encourage as many others as possible to do the same. It's fully confidential and will take less than ten minutes of your time! Click here to fill out the survey!
As you may be aware, Scottish Government are currently consulting on broad policy options for the reform of salmon and freshwater fisheries management in Scotland that will affect all freshwater angling activity - no matter what you fish for, be it Salmon, Trout, Pike or any other species! The consultation period closes on 7th August and more details can be found at - please check it out!
As part of this consultation, Scottish Government are also holding a number of ‘drop-in’ events across Scotland. These events will allow interested parties, and particularly the general public, to discuss the issues raised in the consultation with Scottish Government officials. You can see all the dates and venues for these events here.
The Glasgow Angling Centre will be hosting a drop-in event on 28th July from 11 am to 3 pm. If you care about angling in Scotland at all, please come along and take the opportunity to discuss the fisheries reform process. This is your chance to make a difference! Click here for directions to the store.


  1. Scottish salmon and sea trout season is to long shorten it and see stocks rise

  2. Am I the only one that doesn't get this? new legislation already implemented and new legislation soon to be implemented. Your not going to tell me that the problem with stock is down to the angler standing on the banks of the river. Surely the problem is more widespread due to overfishing in the sea. IMHO more legislation will encourage poaching, decrease the number of anglers and discourage new anglers for getting into the sport. Maybe I am naive but why would I buy a permit that cost hundreds of £££££'s to walk away from the water without a fish?


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