Savage Gear 3D Herring Shad Loose Body

Savage Gear Loose Body 3D Herring Shad comes complete with a matching ball jig hook and stinger treble and can be rigged up in a variety of ways.  They are also designed to swim with a side flash and rocking motion that's sure to stir predators into action.

This enticing swimming action both on steady retrieve and on the drop produces the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary of predator fish to attack.

The 3D Herring Shad is perfect for Pike and Zander but also effective for other big predatory fish.  They are also excellent for trolling or fishing vertically and feature a big roll paddle tail to create a stimulating swimming action in the water. These lures are going to give you loads of fun so don't miss out and grab 3 Savage Gear 3D Herring Shads today for a tenner!