Jarvis Walker 5ft Fishing Kit for Kids

Whether you holiday in the UK or abroad, there's plenty of venues where you can take your kids fishing and you don't need to spend an arm and a leg for them to experience the thrill of hooking into their very first fish.  As a parent, you are creating valuable memories for them to cherish as they get older, and something as simple as a small fishing kit can open up so many possibilities for adventure and to enjoy the great outdoors. 
The Jarvis Walker 5ft LED Fishing Outfit is ideal for kids or even young people/adults who like things that light up. It's a great rod and reel combo that features a 5ft rod with a light to medium action, matching reel/mono and to add an element of fun, flashing LED lights when you reel in.

What's not to like about this fun, inexpensive kit.  Better still, you can choose from various colours including red, blue, green or pink - just specify in the comments section of our website when ordering.  Imagine the adventures you could have with your kids!  Don't miss out on this fantastic offer as there is a limited number of colours available.