The Hottest Thing in Holiday Rods!

Whilst planning the annual family holiday in the sun, most anglers we know will be hatching a plan to smuggle some fishing gear in with the sun cream and flip flops - it's only natural! There is nothing worse than turning up at your holiday destination only to find it teeming with fishing spots, and being stuck there for a week or two with no gear - it would drive you insane!
Mini species like these can be you best bet for a holiday fish!
Luckily travel rods have improved immeasurably in the last few years, and we are no longer restricted to dodgy telescopic rods that usually barely last as long as your fortnight in the sun! A whole host of premium tele spinning rods like the Shimano Exage STC range, and quality multi-section fly and spin rods (bearing in mind that a 9ft four piece rod will fit in most suitcases) means there has never been so much choice for the holiday angler!
Smalls lures and fake baits are easy to take on holiday!
One type of angling that seems made for the package holidaymaker is LRF. This up and coming branch of the sport has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity in that last couple of years, targeting smaller species, some of which you won't even know the name of, in urban settings like harbours and breakwaters, having very little gear to carry around so no danger of exceeding baggage weight limits, no fresh bait required as it mostly entails small soft lures or baits like Maryuku Isome, it's inexpensive to get into and most of all it's a lot of fun for all the family!
The HTO Rockfish rods are perfect for LRF!
But LRF has one big stumbling block. The rods are short, mostly 6 to 8ft long, but are almost all 2 piece. Four section offerings like the MajorCraft Crostage Mobile are available but come at a price that's maybe a little too much for someone who wants to dabble on holiday. The best selling rods on the LRF scene are the HTO Rockfish series from Tronixpro and finally there will be a travel option in these awesome little rods - the new Rockfish Rover!
The new HTO Rockfish Rover - a 4 piece that's really a 5 piece!
Coming in at 6' 11' and casting 2-7g the HTO Rockfish Rover is a 4 piece rod with a twist - it actually has 5 sections! Yes it come with two tip sections, one a sensitive solid tip for detecting those tiny bites and one hollow tip section for when you are targeting stronger species over heavier ground that require just a little more power! The other benefit of having two tip sections is that should you have a mishap with your rod and break a tip you will always have a spare to keep you fishing for the rest of your holiday. The Rockfish Rover has the same great action as the original rods and is sure to become an overnight sensation when they hit the shelves in July - we fully expect the first batch to sell out very quickly so we urge you to place a pre-order HERE!
Two tips on the Rockfish Dual and Rover rods make them doubly versatile!
Other additions to the HTO Rockfish range will be two dedicated tubular tip rods, the Rockfish T and a 2 piece twin tip called the Rockfish Dual that will come with both solid and tubular tips - bringing the range up to 11 rods! Match any of these up with the cracking little Rockfish 2000 reel and you have an outfit as good as any for LRF style angling at home or abroad! Check out the complete Tronix range at Glasgow Angling Centre online HERE or see our huge selection instore HERE!