Trout Fly Lines for Stillwater Fishing

When fly fishing on Stillwaters, you improve your chances when you can adapt to the conditions.  In terms of wind, there may be a flat calm, a slight ripple or even a big wave.  Additionally you may even observe the fish's behaviour: are they head and tailing, splashing about or is there no visible sign of feeding?  Being able to 'read' the conditions being equipped to meet those challenges can make the difference between success and failure.

However being able to read the conditions is one thing; presenting your flies at the right depth and speed is another, and having the right fly lines at hand can make a big difference!   Floating Fly Lines are hugely popular and some would happily stick with a floater all season.  But having an intermediate fly line and sinking fly line in ADDITION to a floater will give you an advantage!  The intermediate is perfect when you want to present small buzzers and lures just under the surface, the sinking line is great for windy conditions and cutting through the wave to get your flies in the target zone.  The sinking  fly line can also fish your flies deeper giving a more level retrieve.
Having 3 Fly lines, as discussed, gives you more scope to deal with the conditions and an ability to fish your flies in the right 'feeding zone'.  And kitting yourself out with 3 of the most popular lines - floater, intermediate and sinker - is more affordable than ever!  You can now buy the Stillwater Floating, Intermediate and Sinking Fly Lines for only £20.00 but you need to hurry because we have limited stock available and at this fantastic price, these lines are going to fly out the door fast.