Revive the Clyde Confirm for GAC Spring Open Weekend 2015

Revive the Clyde will once again be attending Glasgow Angling Centre's Open Weekend.  They will be raising awareness about the serious decline of the Firth of Clyde as a major recreational sea angling destination and you can also sign up to their Cyde Charter on the day.
Revive the Clyde
To put things into perspective, from 1900 - 1960 the Firth of Clyde seabed was full of life with a rich and delicate underwater habitat.  The local fishing industry thrived where huge populations of fin-fish and big catches that supported coastal communities were the norm.  There were plenty of fish in the sea.

Then from 1984 onwards things started to change.  Recreational anglers flocked to the clyde, fishing pressure increased and the marine ecosystem was threatened.  More and more trawling and dredging led to less and less fish making it to catchable size; the Clyde became over-fished and under-stocked.  The diverse habitats were ultimately altered with the loss of vital sea-grasses and corals which shelter and feed young fin-fish populations.

The Shocking State of the Clyde Seabed
With overfishing, seabed destruction and the removal of fishing restrictions, the Clyde is no longer a major recreational sea angling destination.  Only a shellfish fishery is left and the loss of diversity leave the Clyde as a fishery vulnerable to collapse.
However Revive the Clyde are working tirelessly to raise awareness and gain support in the belief that it's never too late to save the Firth of Clyde from total collapse.  It can recover and sustain a healthy fishing economy with the right management in place.  

If you want to find out more about the vital work of Revive the Clyde, you can meet them at Glasgow Angling Centre's Open Weekend where they will be able to give you more information about this important issue and answer any questions. They urgently need support so please sign up to their Cyde Charter.

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