Water Wolf - An Underwater Revolution!

The recent launch at Glasgow Angling Centre of the innovative new Water Wolf HD cameras has turned into a massive success story. Sales were overwhelming all over the world and thousands of eager anglers are now filming exciting footage of their lures and baits being hit by a multitude of different game fish.
The Water Wolf design team currently in the process of further developing the Water Wolf cameras and plan to expand the range of accessory kits available to suit even more styles of fishing. In the UK, predator anglers in particular have welcomed the Water Wolf cameras with open arms, and we are constantly working hard to keep the cameras in stock to satisfy the demand! UK predator expert, author and blogger, Eddie Turner, said this about his about his latest experiments with the Water Wolf Underwater camera:
“Just would like to say that the new Water Wolf video camera is brilliant! I have been pike fishing over 40 years and it has given me another dimension to my fishing. Having conceived the original idea of drifter fishing over 30 years ago and been very successful at it, to see how it performs underwater is spectacular. I have witnessed pike taking baits before but never from the pike’s perspective. The video linked below was taken at approx. 120 yards in about 20 feet of water. The bait was fished approx. 13 feet deep. On separate occasions pike came up to the bait and swam away without taking”

Since launching the Water Wolf Facebook page back in August, they have gained a massive following of people. The Facebook page is updated on a daily basis with cool new videos of fish in their natural habitat – chasing and hitting lures.
This page and a few others have become a hive of activity with Water Wolfers sharing videos, stills and tips - we are all still learning the potential of the Water Wolf as a fishing tool, even the experts! Check it out here - www.facebook.com/waterwolfhd
The Water Wolf YouTube channel is also booming with new videos from all over the world - great clips that are surely worth checking out. For all related videos, be sure to check out their dedicated YouTube channel here  - www.youtube.com/waterwolftv

Here are just a few of our favourite Water Wolf videos so far since the launch...

The Water Wolf HD can be purchased both online and instore at Glasgow Angling Centre, CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!