Water Wolf HD - Most Common Problems and Fixes!

Here at Glasgow Angling Centre we have sold hundred's of the new Water Wolf HD cameras so as you would expect we have had a few back from customers as faulty - but just as we experience with other bestselling sport and action cameras, we almost always find that the camera is fine and it is some other factor that is causing the problem! Here are a few of the most common causes and cures...

Charging your Water Wolf! Sometimes we get customers with problems charging their cameras. This is usually caused by not using a USB port that has enough power output to charge the battery. Older computers may have USB ports that were never designed to power or charge devices and some won't output enough to work if you have  other USB items plugged in at the same time - even though the LED lights up like it is working! Try another port on your computer or we recommend using a proper USB wall charger such as the one for a GoPro, iPhone or Smartphone, as it will charge your camera quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time on the water! If you still think your camera is faulty, send it back or bring it in to us with your proof of purchase and we will help you get sorted out.

Memory Cards! - This is probably our number one fix as many Water Wolf problems are caused by the Micro SD memory card you put in the slot, because all memory cards are not made equal. ALWAYS buy a branded memory card from a reputable retailer and NEVER buy from eBay or Amazon etc as there are millions of fake cards out there. The memory card from your old smartphone probably isn't going to cut it either. The minimum card spec we would recommend would be a 16gb Class 10 card (it will have a little number 10 with a circle around it) and if you want something a little more future-proof opt for a 32gb UHS-1 card. Your Water Wolf cannot use any card with a bigger capacity than this and 32gb should record more than two full charges worth of footage! We always have stock of Micro SD cards that are suitable for the Water Wolf camera.

If you are having issues with the Water Wolf recording video you should always try a known good SD card in it to see if that resolves it. If you still think your camera is faulty, send it back to us or bring it in with your proof of purchase and we will help you get sorted out. Your camera should record video in multiple 1.27gb (or 15 to 20 minute) files - THIS IS NOT A FAULT! This is due to the maximum file size limitation of the file system on the memory card and also stops you losing your whole video in the event that a file becomes corrupt. It is very easy to join all the little clips together in your editing software seamlessly by dropping them into the timeline in the correct order! If you still think your camera is faulty, send it back to us or bring it in with your proof of purchase and we will help you get sorted out.

We would also recommend getting a decent card reader for transferring videos from your memory card to your computer as constantly plugging the camera into and out of your computer can sometimes corrupt your files. When editing your footage always transfer your files from the memory card onto your computer's hard drive first to speed up the process too. Once all the files are safely on your hard drive FORMAT your memory card and put it back in the camera ready for it's next use. If your video is choppy, stutters or is out of sync with the audio when you play it back there is a good chance that your computer is not powerful enough to play full HD video and you should try it on another newer or more powerful machine first to see if it is any better. We recommend VLC for easy playback of your videos. If you still think your camera is faulty, send it back to us or bring it in with your proof of purchase and we will help you get sorted out.

When you are ready to upload your Water Wolf video to the web so you can share them with your friends and the rest of the world, then alway have a quick google to find the best settings to suit whatever site you will be using such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. Using the wrong settings will drastically reduce the quality of your video and it will look nothing like the crisp image you see on your own computer. There is loads of good advice out there so have a quick search and read up on it a wee bit! We would also suggest saving another copy of your video at full resolution/quality (sometimes called archive quality) to keep for your own viewing pleasure on your own machine.

Leaks - the Water Wolf camera is kept watertight by the two O rings on the end cap. these have been tested to depths of over 100m and are a proven method of keeping water out of the casing! However it is VERY important that you ensure the O rings are correctly seated in the grooves on the cap before you put the cap on and VERY VERY important that both O rings are spotlessly clean too, as a speck of dust, dirt, fluff, hair or anything like that will cause the seal to fail and water will find its way inside.
Perhaps the most important tip we can give you is to buy your Water Wolf from a reputable dealer who knows the camera and how to work it! These are the guys who will be able to help you if you have any issues. Avoid sellers on auction sites etc who don't have their own website or 'bricks and mortar' shop as there are a few unauthorised dealers out there who will happily take your money but offer no after sales service when required. It's not worth the risk to save a fiver!
If you are unfortunate enough to lose or break any of the parts of your Water Wolf camera then don't worry as spares are available for most parts from the Glasgow Angling Centre fishing tackle megastore! We have spare Camera Caps with 2 O-rings mounted, Line Tubes, Eva Floats, Neoprene Pouches, Brass Weights and USB Charge Cables for your Water Wolf in stock and available to purchase instore or online by clicking HERE.
Spare Parts for Water Wolf Cameras -
1. Camera Caps with 2 O-rings mounted
2. Line Tubes
3. Eva Floats
4. Neoprene Pouches
5. Brass Weights
6. USB Charge Cables

Also check out these two great video guides on how to get up and running with your Water Wolf  - we are sure you have already seen them but it's always worth another look - and if you have any other questions just ask us or check out the full Water Wolf Owners Manual HERE!