The Clearview Jumbo Storafly Box for all your Flies

Lets face it, as a fly angler you've never got enough flies!  There's always some new material on the market so you end buying or tying loads of new patterns and variations.  You may also like to buy or tie flies when trying new Lochs, Rivers or Stillwaters, or you just like to have a dozen or so of each pattern.  Whatever your preference, it's good to keep your flies organised and secure.  With the Stillwater Clearview Jumbo Storafly 4x4 Box you get all this and more!

With over 1000 separate large foam slits, the Clearview Fly Box is ideal for Lures, Saltwater and Salmon flies and equally suitable for small patterns too.  It's 4 sided and transparent so there's plenty of room for all your flies, making fly selection a lot easier. And lastly, it also features a fitted carry handle making the box extremely portable.

The Storafly normally retails for £34.99 but you can now get your hands on one of these excellent fly boxes for only £15.00.  So grab yours today while stocks last!