Salmon Flies & Fly Box for the Start of the Salmon Fishing Season

Some rivers have already started their Salmon fishing season - the Tay for example - and reports are coming in of fish getting caught.  Even though the temperatures are low, this doesn't mean no sport.  On the contrary.  If you are equipped with the right Salmon Fishing gear you can be rewarded with an  early season Salmon, especially if have the right fly for the conditions.

And there's no better time to stock up on Salmon fishing flies with this superb Stillwater Aluminium Fly Box.  It's a classic British style box featuring ripple foam on one side and stainless clips on the other, complete with 30 Salmon and Sea Trout flies including: 10 x Double Shrimps, 10 x Allies Shrimps & 10 x Wee Doubles.

Don't miss out on this superb quality fly box and Salmon flies.  Grab yours today FOR ONLY £20.00 while stocks!