Greys GX500 Fly Reel for a Lot Less

As a fly angler, sometimes its hard to remember what size and type of line is on your fly reel.  If you carry many fly lines, line identification can be a real problem.  However the Greys GX500, with it's new system of friction fit identification pins,  you can now clearly mark the spool with the line size, density type, sink type and core type at a glance - ingenious!

This is in addition to it's ported arbour design and superb drag system.  So if you are looking for a 'workhorse' reel that is light, comes with spare spools and can achieve a fast retrieve rate, the Greys GX500 Fly Reel is perfect.  

The reel normally retails for £59.99 but we've slashed the price and you can now get your hands on one of these superb reels for ONLY £35.00!  But hurry because at this price point we are going to sell out fast!