Bargain Rod and Reel Kit for Dropshot Fishing

Dropshot fishing or "Drop Shotting" has become very popular recently.  This is due to a number of factors: simplicity, light tackle, improved rod and lure design, and an ever increasing desire to explore the local rivers and canals that are right on our doorstep.

A Drop Shot rig simply comprises of a hook, lure and weight and the technique even simpler.  You don't cast and retrieve like traditional lure fishing, in contrast, the key approach is to cast and "bounce" the lure slowly along the bottom.  You also use small flicking movements of the rod tip to gently lift the weight off the bottom while slowly winding the reel.  This is where rod sensitivity is so important and the Lineaeffe Dropshot Rod and Sweepfire reel is perfectly balanced kit for Dropshotting for Perch, Pike and Zander with small shads, jelly lures and replicants.

Event better news is that if you are interested in giving Dropshotting a bash, you can now get the Lineaeffe Drop Shot Rod and Daiwa Sweepfire Reel for only £45.00!  But you need act fast because this kit is sure to sell out fast for Christmas!!