The Water Wolf Camera is Now in Stock @ GAC!

The Water Wolf HD has arrived at Glasgow Angling Centre, just in time for Christmas - but only a limited number of cameras are available and orders are coming in thick and fast so don't delay! Get in early and reserve yours now instore or online buy clicking HERE to guarantee Christmas delivery!

The Water Wolf started out as a hobby project amongst a group of dedicated anglers that really wanted to explore and understand more about the way fish react to lures and baits! They shared a common love for fishing and engineering, cameras and gadgets – so they never lacked mutual motivation for the project!

After trying for more than a year to work with existing cameras on the market they finally realised they would have to had to build their own cameras to succeed and get the recordings they wanted. Total waterproofness, long battery life, easy operation,  light sensitivity and a discrete presence in the water was the goal they were seeking and the Water Wolf Camera is all of these - and more!
Welcome to the world of underwater recording and discovery! The mystery of what goes on below the surface has always intrigued anglers and as soon as footage from the Water Wolf HD began to appear online we were inundated with requests about how these shots were taken and what camera was used! Danish designed in conjunction with Mads Grosell, the man behind the highly successful and innovative Savage Gear brand, and protected by 3 different patents, the Water Wolf UW1.0 is the worlds first angling specific, line mounted camera - waterproof to 100m, and in clear water able to show you how fish behave and respond to your bait or lure in amazing detail.
What's in the box?
1. Water Wolf UW1.0 Underwater Camera
2. Stainless Steel Boom
3. EVA Float
4. Neoprene Pouch
5. Brass Weights (3 pcs)
6. USB Charging Cable

The Water Wolf HD is mounted to your line via a stainless steel boom, and it's sink rate and angle can be adjusted using the supplied interchangeable brass weights. The cameras operation is simple - on or off! The internal battery lasts for around 4 hours and is recharged via a USB cable. This is long enough to fill a16gb Micro SD card with high quality 720p 30fps fishing footage! The camera is perfect for casting, trolling, lure fishing or using static baits with or without the included EVA float attachment - you can even stick it to your hat!
Already we have had a lot of interest from Pike and sea anglers, Ferox Trout hunters, even ghillies who Harl for Salmon and not least Carp anglers who will buy these in their droves! Check out this short tutorial video that explains how to set up and operate the Water Wolf HD Camera - plus some stunning footage!

The Water Wolf HD has arrived at Glasgow Angling Centre, just in time for Christmas - but only a limited number of cameras will be available at the launch price of £119.99 and orders are coming in thick and fast so don't delay! Get in early and reserve yours now instore or online buy clicking HERE to guarantee Christmas delivery!
Don't forget to buy a 16gb Micro SD memory card for the camera and also available for the Water Wolf HD will be an Accessories Pack featuring some useful mounts to suit most recording situations, enabling you to attach your Water Wolf to boat hulls, railings, windows, tripods and much more - plus in the new year a special Carp Fishing Accessory pack will be available as well, perfect for all types of static bait fishing and more.
1. Locking plug
2. Camera holder
3. Tripod adaptor
4. Ball joint
5. Railing/pole mount
6. Suction cup mount
7. Ball joint adhesive mount

We have had a lot questions from customers worried that they might lose the camera in a snag - we don't see this being a very common occurrence provided you are fishing with properly balanced tackle, just as you would use without the camera anyway!

Your rig, hooklength or lure trace should ALWAYS be of a much lesser breaking strain of line or wire than your main line, meaning if your hook or lure gets snagged you can easily break it off and get you camera back safe and sound - this is just common sense and should be part of every anglers rig building routine. 

Having a reel loaded with heavier line, preferably braid, will also help if you need to pull the camera free from weed and protect you from break offs when casting. Double check all of your knots and connections BEFORE you start fishing. 

The Water Wolf camera weighs 66g on its own before adding the brass weights so be sure to use a rod that can handle the casting weight of your lure PLUS the camera to get the best cast possible and to avoid rod breakages! 

Taking these steps will drastically reduce the chance of you losing your camera and if you are still worried, refrain from casting it near known snags and other dangerous situations. With everything in life there is a little risk involved but we reckon the very best videos will come from the anglers with a sense of adventure! If you are concerned about losing the Water Wolf then maybe this gadget is not for you!

Some common Water Wolf questions answered!
Q: How do I open the camera?
A: Wiggle the plug back and forth, you can then put your nail in the gap and open it. This takes a couple of times to master, but then it is easy.
You can also tie a knot in a piece of string, put it through the small hole in the plug and gently pull, until it opens.

Q: How do I close the camera?
A: Push the plug in with a turning motion. Turning the plug makes sure the o-rings are absolutely tight. This is very important when fishing deep.

Q: Does the camera float or sink?
A: The camera floats. If the 6 gram weight is inserted, it still floats. If the 9 or 12 gram weight is inserted, it sinks.

Q: Will the housing scratch?
A: The housing and lens is made from polycarbonate, the same material used for riot shields, so it is very though. It can be scratched, but this will not affect the function or waterproofness , only the outlook.

Q: How do I clean the camera?
A: Rinse it in lukewarm water, and dry it off with a soft cloth.

Q: How do I store/transport the camera?
A: When you are done recording, put the camera in the neoprene pouch, and secure the Velcro to close it.

Q: Why does the camera wobble at high speeds?
A: The UW 1.0 comes with three weights (6g, 9g and 12g) the 12g weight makes the camera stable in the water to about 5 knots, at higher speeds it starts to wobble.

Q: How can I avoid that the camera tangles on the cast? 
A: Tie the line to the eye in the stick, do not use snaps or swivels.

Q: How far should the lure be from the camera?
A: The clearer the water is, the further away the lure can be. 40-80 cm is a good starting point.

Q: How can I tell if the water is clear enough for filming?
A: If you can see 1 meter down into the water you should be able to record. The deeper your camera goes the clearer water you will need, in order to get enough light.

Q: How deep can I record video?
A: If the water is very clear, there is lots of light, and the sun is high in the sky you can record video at 50-100 meters.

Q: Why is my video green?
A: Light has different wavelengths, because of this color disappears the deeper you record. Red color disappears around 5 meters, orange around 8 meters, yellow around 15 meters. This is why the recording ends up green.

Q: How can I tell if the camera is charged?
A: Connect the charger cable to the camera, and a power source. When the blue diode turns off, the camera is fully charged.

Q: Can I cast the camera?
A: Yes, the camera is shockproof, but casts longer than 40 meters may damage the camera.

Q: How far can I cast the camera?
A: 40 meters, casts longer than that may damage the camera

Q: What happens if the line snaps?
A: That depends on the setup. If the camera is setup to sink, it is most likely lost. If it floats it might surface.

Q: Can I order spare parts?
A: Please contact your local Water Wolf dealer.

Q: What micro SD card should I buy?
A: 16 or 32 GB. micro SD or SDHC card. 16 GB. will give you around 4 hours recording time, 32 GB. up to almost 5 hours, depending on water temperature.

Q: How deep does the camera go?
A: The camera is waterproof to 100 meters, if the camera is closed correctly.

Q: Can I use the camera as a web camera?
A: No.

Q: Can I film while charging the camera?
A:  No.

Q: Can I use the camera for ice fishing?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the camera record sound?
A: Yes, but through a small hole over the on/off button, so when the camera is closed you barely get any sound.

Once you get your camera home from a fishing trip, the fun really starts! The Water Wolf team have produced a short video showing how to download and edit your video - it's really easy and we can't wait to see your footage on our Facebook Page! Check out the video below and you can find lots more useful information on the website!

The Water Wolf HD can be purchased both online and instore at Glasgow Angling Centre, just in time for Christmas - but only a limited number of cameras are available and orders are coming in thick and fast so don't delay! Get in early and reserve yours now instore or online buy clicking HERE to guarantee Christmas delivery!