Glasgow Angling Centre Celebrates Another Hugely Successful September Open Weekend

Paul Young Photo Opportunity
The buzz still lingers after another hugely successful September Open Weekend at Glasgow Angling Centre.  Customers flocked in their droves to participate in what is arguably the biggest and best free fishing event in the UK!  With outstanding deals on big brand tackle, a great line up of the biggest names in fishing, loads of great activities, product launches and a great atmosphere all-round, the appetite for this event continues to grow each year!

A Captivating Paul Proctor
Bustling Atmosphere
Expert Advice
Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekends are special on many levels.  Firstly we bring the biggest names in fishing to the store to engage with our customers and to help them with their fishing tackle questions and concerns.  It's an opportunity to gain new insights, skills and techniques that help achieve the ultimate goal - to get maximum enjoyment and pleasure from the sport.  For example our fly tying benches are always a hive of activity where people become transfixed as they observe first-hand new techniques and processes.  Secondly, Open Weekends are about offering exclusive insight into new and exiting products that are entering the market.  Rod, reel and clothing technology is evolving at a rapid pace so we are always excited about being the first to present them to anglers.

Product Launches
Lure Demonstrations
Observing up Close
New Lures for 2015
Fun is always high on the agenda during Open Weekends and it's great to see so many people enjoy themselves at this truly unique event.  There's a real sense of community and commonality as anglers travel from all over the UK to participate.  Notably more young people and families are attending as fishing continues to grow in popularity as an opportunity to get outdoors and to exercise the spirit of adventure. Of course, this is fantastic for sport!  
A Happy Customer Meets Ant Glascoe
Mr Partridge & Mr Veniard
Smiles all Round
Over the past couple of years, the Open Weekend has grown significantly, both in terms of foot-fall and the number of displays and organisations who attend.  Consequently, more anglers are aware of important issues and conservation activities that impact fishing as a sport.  This is very encouraging and testimony to Glasgow Angling Centre's commitment in playing it's part in encouraging anglers to preserve the natural environment that brings us so much pleasure.  That's why we invite organisations such as Revive the Clyde,  RNLI, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park and the Pike Angler's Alliance - to name but a few - to keep anglers informed on pressing matters.

Ian Gordon
Jan Porter
Mike Thrussell
Paul Little
Scott MacKenzie
Hywel Morgan
Therefore, we'd like to thank all the staff, suppliers, charities and organisations who came along and contributed to yet another hugely successful Open Weekend that continues to live up the title of "The Biggest and Best Free Fishing Event in UK."  If you attended the event, we appreciate you coming along and supporting us and look forward to serving you in the coming weeks and months ahead.  If you missed out, don't worry because we do it all again (on an even bigger scale) in March 2015.  Tight Lines!