Shimano Forcemaster AX Uptide Rod is a Serious Performer

When you are looking for a stiffer rod with a 'tippy' action for uptide fishing, one that will comfortably handle up to 8oz or 10oz lead and a decent sized bait without any problems, the Shimano Forcemaster AX Uptide Rod is a serious contender.
Deal ends 08/08/2014
It can effectively lob your rig/lead beyond the scare area and is the perfect rod for beginning uptiders.
The whole point of uptiding is to anchor your bait uptide of where you are fishing and the Forcemaster AX, with it's sensitive tip section allows the rod to 'move' with the boat and doesn't break the grip lead out from the sea bed.
The Forcemaster is available in 2 models (4-8oz and 6-10z) and features a stiff butt section to cope with a wide range of situations.  Normally the Shimano Forcemaster Uptide retails for up to £89.99 but you can now get your hands on this excellent rod for only £50.00!  However we have a limited number in stock so don't miss out and grab yours today !